Beginner Guitar Lessons in Toronto’s West End

I’m Looking for Beginner Guitar Lessons in Toronto. Why ‘Desa Music Studio’?

Looking to take the plunge into learning guitar? Look no further than my teaching studio in Toronto’s west end. I offer a unique program and method book for beginner guitar lessons that are ideal for children and adults alike.

Remember, even though the journey might seem uphill, everyone has to take the same first step!

Contact me to set up a free consultation lesson. From there we can meet and discuss your musical goals and make a plan to get you there! For practice tips and techniques, take a minute to check out the beginner guitar resources on my Guitar Lessons Blog.

Beginner Guitar Lessons Toronto

What Do You Teach During Weekly Lessons?

So the short answer is that we work on:

  • Technique
  • Repertoire (learning songs)
  • Beginner skill building (strumming, keeping time, etc.)
  • Basic harmony and music theory

I try to touch on each of these items every lesson – we’ll build on them as we go!

The first couple of weeks will usually be weighted heavily on technique-building and learning a few concepts for beginner guitar. We will also start learning some basic repertoire that will be a bit simplified at first – but not for long!

From here, the lesson material can branch out in any direction you like! The best lessons are the ones where the student has a say in what music we tackle. I can always find a way to work in the technical stuff!

How Much Do I Need To Practice?

The best answer I can give is this: practice as much as you can! Often times with our busy lives it’s not always possible to spend hours and hours on our instrument every day. However, planning for a short practice session with well-defined goals can go a surprisingly long way in making progress!

Check out this article on my Guitar Lessons Blog that goes into a bit more depth, here.

How Long Will It Take Me to Learn Guitar?

It all depends on how much consistent practice that you’re able to put in! Usually it takes a few weeks to get a handle on a a couple beginner guitar chords, scales, and warm-up exercises. The good news is that once you do, putting them to use on a song you like is not that far off!

Remember, the best musicians out there never stop learning!

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